See Through reflects about the transitory and complex reality of urban landscape. It establishes itself as an exploration about ephemeral devices that interrupts the vision and subverts the space fluid and continuous nature. The fragility of the intermittent condition of the borders of the city reveals the poetic potentiality of a critical approach to the discrepant temporalities and inherent matters to the regulation of the city. To see becomes an extension of the presence of the body itself.
The transparence of the architecture exposes folds and abrasion on the unstable and perishable layers that position themselves between the body of who is looking, their reflex and the gazed object. These are transfer and communication surfaces between distinct realities. Miguel Teodoro artistic practice explores the relationship between the ambiguity of landscape, the latent possibilities of territory and the everyday poetics, reflecting about political and social implications of space.

Installation on Kubikuloproject, na Kubikgallery, Porto

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