Exhibition view, POST_INDEX installation by Daniel Duarte Pereira
photo @miguel teodoro

Hiperlocal/Hyperlocal – Artistic Residencies is a cultural programme will focus on the interdisciplinary intersection of research, ecology, territory, and contemporary artistic production. Using the Mnemonic Pavilion’s structure as a foundational platform, the project is curated as a continuous cultural program in dialogue with the Urban Ecological Park of Viana do Castelo. The objective is to provide space and support to emerging artists, designers, and architects from the region, who will develop situated artistic proposals based on the context of the territory and local ecosystems. The project methodology emphasizes the exploration of artistic research and collaborative fieldwork processes to challenge the disciplinary separations between theory and practice.

Soil Microbiology walk with Landra, Photo by João Azevedo

Curation, artistic direction and production of the cultural programme at Mnemonic Pavilion


This project is developed with the support of Viana do Castelo Municipality and funded by the “Viana Jovens com Talento Award”

The project team includes Samuel Rego and Irene Peixoto
More information about the projet at hiperlocal.pt

Instagram @hiperlocal.hyperlocal

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