Marble sculptures, projection, water, metallic pieces, audio exciters

“Ressonâncias” at’s Open Studio — an exploration of Alentejo’s soil fertility histories and the transcalar impact of imaging technologies on the local landscape and ecologies.
This site-responsive installation, presented in Évora’s Old Slaughterhouse, explores the intricate connections between soil’s productivity, planting patterns and mineral bodies throughout the region’s extraction landscapes.
The research draws parallels with archetypes of fertility, traditional marble splitting techniques, and the ongoing processes of soil commodification in Alentejo.
Metallic mattresses used in marble quarries to split big blocks of stone were used to amplify audio field recordings.

In collaboration with Pó De Vir a Ser, ÉVORA
Open Studio “A Condição do Campo”, september 2023

Photos by Carlonia Lecoq

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