Mnemonic Pavillion is a cultural space designed drawing inspiration from  Minho’s territory, looking at its ecological, social and cultural dynamics.
The pavilion is an independent hybrid exhibition space installed in 2021 in the Viana do Castelo Urban Ecological Park.
The project is the result of transdisciplinary research begun in late 2019 by artist and designer Miguel Teodoro. Acknowledging the territory's natural, material and human diversity and complexity, the project is based on an attentive reflection on the region's traditional practices and vernacular forms, recognising and valuing its intrinsic ecological knowledge.
With the intention of taking a critical and contemporary approach, the project aims to be a platform for experimentation and meeting different forms of knowledge production.
The research carried out was plural and diverse, bringing into the project's discussion various players from different fields of action and disciplines, with the aim of establishing an intergenerational and diverse dialogue between authors, farmers, fishermen, companies in the region, anthropologists, biologists, among others. Thus, the project's central intention is to create a place to think together about the territory's vernacular processes and their relationship with the contemporary condition of local ecosystems.
The installation of the pavilion in the urban context of Viana do Castelo aims to broaden the municipality's cultural production system through a programme of cultural events.

Mnemonic Pavilion 2021

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