"The colectivo Lab 25, was formed in 2019 as a dynamic laboratory of artistic experimentation claiming its name from No. 25 of the old Rua da Palma (Porto), where the very space that gives motto to this residency is located.

Accumulated in the rubble of a provisional building site, the staging of these follies, which take us back to the universe of picturesque gardens, are as if submitted to the ritual of cataloguing protocols, in a game of critical conservation of objets trouvés to be inscribed in the museological collection of the faculty in times of displacement and expansion of its heritage."

Developing a project of urban archaeology that was exhibited in Morar/Murar (2019) and Promenade(2020), they now rehearse, in the series Apparatus(2021), the composition of follies images that assimilate the performativity of the photographic act with the encounter of dysfunctional and dispersed objects. These are images of works at work that privilege the indistinction betwen activation and creation and challenge notions of authorship and artistic recognition.”

Text by Susana Lourenço Marques (excerpt from the text Aviso/Pausa)

Apparatus, 2021

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Tropismo Fotográfico Residency, integrated in Ci.CLO 21 Bienal de Fotografia do Porto

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