Between photographic film and territory, the images of Azimute, found in the abandoned factory Fogões Meireles in Bonfim, propose a possible cartography of correspondences between temporalities and scales. Resulting from the concerns that have been occupying the practice of the Lab.25 collective, issues related to the right to the city are mirrored in them, in an attempt to re-signify urban voids from reflections on heritage. These disappearing images are placed as surfaces of transmission between realities, whose biological decay of photographic film summons up another reading of the time and scale of images. Through the perishability of the slide object, the awareness that these images are not fixed is restated. Whenever revisited, they are transmuted, the result of a slow process of contact with the surface and with the dynamics of the territory. Their corporeal and abstracting nature introduces in the images the possibility of speculating on the direct correspondences between scales and time. Due to the context in which they were found, the images generate direct relationships with urban reality, thinking about the ruin and consecutive rewriting of the city itself. They are gleaned objects, re-appropriated and re-signified to think about the possible futures of the city.

Project by COLETIVO LAB.25

Glass, Glass, vinyl print, hardware, LED bulbs, electric circuit Dimensions of each element: 100x70x10 cm

Installation in Espaço Mira Porto 2021

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