"Overgrown" is an endeavour to look at the city as a body, establishing metaphors between urban metabolisms and the contemporary ecological realities of Braga. The result is a series of fieldwork audiovisual recordings that trace visual correspondences and sonic fictions with the iconographies depicted in the medieval encyclopedia "Hortus Sanitatis" dated 1497, archived in Braga’s Public Library.

LINK for interview Reason is a flower: Thoughts On Art and Science by Canal 180
LINK for interview Laboratórios de Verão: Overgrown by Gnration

This project was developed during the art residency “Laboratórios de Verão 2022” at Gnration, Braga, Portugal. August 2022

“Laboratórios de Verão 2022”is a collaboration between @gnration and @ciajgguimaraes

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