Exhibition View, 10/40, Collective Exhibition; kubikgallery, Porto, julho 2019 ©kubikgallery

2019 Fine Arts Acquisition Award, FBAUP
Acquired by the Faculty of Fine Arts Collection of the University of Porto

oMuseu + kubikgallery

“Ensaio para monumento à sinalética” is an exercise of analysis of systems of flux regulation of the city. From symbolic barriers to temporary elements in the urban landscape, a constant redefinition of the morphologies of space is placed in the focus of the city experience, exploring its multitude and complexity. Thus, it is there that I build a visual imaginary that focuses on issues of perception and recording of circumstances.

The signage conditions the movement and produces poetics of placement in space that interrupt the relationship between body and space, constituting itself as a mediating agent of this dialogue.

The use of these regulating elements of a temporary nature are a reference to the need for universalizing understanding of signs. An attempt to find a common language. The city becomes, therefore, a territory with an interesting and varied dynamic between private and public, a space built collectively, assuming itself as a result of a continuous process of (re)composition and construction. Robert Smithson describes it as entropic, a landscape in constant mutation with an impossibility of repetition or return. The visual thinking I propose is based on a sensitive analysis of the occasional situations of objects, through registers and compositional exercises that start from a conscious look at the city and its circumstances.

The architecture and regulations of small scale topography reformulate the way of approaching space. The focus of work is on the relationship between the surface (in the broadest sense, meaning surface from territory to the outer layer of matter) and its signs. This process from my surroundings leads me to the production of objects and images that constitute themselves as mutable, acquiring distinct configurations. Thus, the relationship with the multiple and with the similar element is configured under compositional principles of installation in the exhibition space, spatial design and phenomenologies of perception.

A “monument to signage” is proposed, thinking of the city as a continuous regulated surface, space for the construction of narratives and creative speculations.

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