Linocuts, lithographs, intaglio prints, watercolors and drawings - Variable dimensions


It is on the surface of the territory that one finds the dense and complex network of gestures that build the landscape of the Douro Valley. A tactile and contemplative experience decomposes the materiality: to look at the fragment is to understand the whole. The movement travels along the infinite line that prolongs the landscape through the sinuous monolithic masses, resembling bodies. Thinking about the Douro requires an exercise in fiction about the continuous pulsation of things; a perpetual drawing of a topography tailored to Man.

The broken stone is repaired and advances through the furrowed earth by the footprints of others. Between the construction and the virgin land, one realizes that here it is the sun that teaches the way, that the perishable forms and vain images of the soil sediments are nothing more than fragments of time and memory. The images that derive from the experience of place, from the displacements and the exercise of the gaze allow, thus, to invent consistencies and sculpt a landscape that moves with us. It is these inner and personal journeys that activate the poetic qualities of matter and place.

Exhibition “pedra-sombra”, by Miguel Teodoro and Cláudio Reis Douro Híbrido Project - Dialogues about Art, Architecture and the Douro

Curator: Tiago Casanova

Production: Constança Amador Araújo

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