Mnemonic Pavilion


The pavilion is installed in Viana do Castelo's Urban Ecological Park.

Exhibition View

Mnemonic Pavilion, installed in Urban Ecological Park, Viana do Castelo, is a hybrid exhibition structure conceived as a platform for reflection, shared knowledge and situated artistic practices.
With a methodology focused on critical and poetic analysis on the dynamics of the territory where it is located, the project unfolds in multiple collaborations and mappings, through a transdisciplinary research. The project and spatial design of the Mnemonic Pavilion stems from a continuous research on the vernacular forms and processes of the territory, looking at its relationship with contemporaneity.
Intended to be plural and able to be reconfigured with each use, Mnemonic Pavilion was developed in close relationship with the Urban Ecological Park located in Viana do Castelo. 

"Intertidal" is the opening exhibition of the Mnemonic Pavilion. The artist Miguel Teodoro, through his exhibition project, invites the visitors to look at the complex relationships between the coastal landscape and ecosystems and the ecological knowledge intrinsic to the traditional practices and maritime economies of Minho.

Aiming to enlarge the spectrum of approach and significance to these themes, Intertidal confronts us with the conflicts and correspondences between time scales, places and gestures.