Coletivo D-FRENTE

Installation in the event A reflection on collective hallucination, Galeria Oitavo - Maus Hábitos, Porto 2017, Maus Hábitos, 

Porto, 2017 

Installation View from the event A reflection on collective hallucination, Galeria Oitavo - Maus Hábitos, Porto 2017, Maus Hábitos, Porto, 2017 @anajoaomachadophotography

Coletivo D-Frente, 2017

No Signal is composed of sound and image transmitting objects from the 1960s to 1980s, objects that, today, acquire a stagnation and collector's crystallization, as well as an obsolete nostalgia.

It is constituted as a strange body, similar to a heap or stack of these objects, moving away from what was its primary function.

The various volumes confront the viewer with their scale and the intermittence of signs and lights. Almost like an automaton, it is something that seems to govern itself, evoking the idea of the uprising of technologies.


Members of the D-Frente Collective: Álvaro Oliveira, David Carvalho, Maria Guimarães, Miguel Teodoro and Rodrigo Machado